The continuous increase in energy costs, with a consequent increase in production costs, is leading companies to review their investment strategy, considering this sector as a strategic sector.

Energy Engineering has as its main objective the optimization of energy production, distribution and use. It therefore deals with the design of plants and systems for the conversion and production of energy, its civil and industrial use.

We build ad hoc plants for the production of energy from renewable sources (photovoltaic, solar thermal, geothermal), with the aim of reducing procurement costs. The realization follows an analysis and design phase, aimed at identifying the optimal investment.

No less important is today's attention to the reduction of energy waste, the cause of the increase in emissions and consequent environmental impact. To confirm this trend, the current legislation requires the analysis and relative energy certification of buildings. We operate in this sector, with the aim of optimizing the use of energy in buildings, in heating and air conditioning systems.

The environment is everything that surrounds us, nature, as a place where the life of man and all living beings takes place. We want to make our small contribution to solving problems that we have dealt with and solved inour working life and make available the experience acquired.

Recent changes in climatic conditions have led thegovernments of the most industrialized countries to impose increasingly stringent constraints on manufacturing companies to minimize environmental impact.

We deal with purification, swimming pools, irrigation, water treatment, solar energy, air conditioning.

We apply our many years of experience in Engineering Consulting aiming not only to satisfy the client's requests, but to exceed his own expectations. Quality is important to each of us, we keep it under control at every stage of the project supplied to the customer. We also strive to optimize our efficiency in order to offer the customer competitive prices.

We are able to adapt each product to the specific requests of the customer. Each project is carefully evaluated and studied in collaboration with the client by a team of professionals. At the end of the analysis and study phase, an offer is drawn up which details the cost and timing of implementation as well as the resources to be allocated to the success of the project itself.